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Daily Fantasy Talk forum rules

1) No sharing of personal information. This includes email addresses and all forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you'd like to contact a user directly, please send a request to info@dailyfantasytalk.com and we can help.

2) Be respectful at all times, and if not at all times, strive for most of the time. Threats will NOT be tolerated and will result in a lifetime ban. Avoid personal attacks at all costs.

3) Please do not spam. For our purposes, spam will be defined as an "irrelevant or advertising post." Any post considered spam will be removed by mods at their discretion.

4) You can link to other sites, even competing sites, but only if the post adds value to the forum community. Links should inform, entertain or provoke discussion. Those that do not will be subject to removal by mods at their discretion.

5) We encourage all users to participate in discussions and to start their own threads. Don't be afraid to ask questions. In fact, we encourage them! Our users have varying skill levels, from total beginners to seasoned pros. Before posting a new thread or responding to a previous one, however, please ask yourself ...

—"Am I contributing to the discussion?"

—"Will anybody care about the thread I'm about to start?"

—"Is the subject line clear enough to describe what the subject is?"

—"Have I checked to make sure the thread I'm starting hasn't already been started?"

6) Please do not post inappropriate material. If an image or text isn't safe for work, or shouldn't be viewed by children, then keep it to yourself.

These forum rules are subject to change and can be modified any time as needed. We will post an update to this thread when this occurs.

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