Selling Shares

timmayer33timmayer33 Joined: June 2016Posts: 1

Good evening, my name is Tim and I play as timmayer33 on all of the daily sites. I have done some selling of action on other sites with good success in the past and can share that info. I am a ranked player on sites that track play. I am going to be playing 120 entries in the upcoming "Super Rally" on Fanduel and am seeing if there is any interest in some action. Let me know if you would like any more info on my past results or past staking experience. I am planning on selling up to 50% of my action.



  • JustusTruJustusTru Joined: June 2015Posts: 25

    I'd potentially be interested, but would obviously need to know the quality of what I'd be buying before hand so I guess I'd just need a free trial run to determine whether or not it'd be worth investing in. Just let me know..

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